Animal Voices



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Animal Voices

My cat is very subtle, so I named her Innuendo.
Not so for the dogs, who always speak in a crescendo.

When they feel romantic, cats may wail an eerie tune,
but dogs need no testosterone to prompt their nightly croon.

Cats vocalize for grand events. Dogs blather on at small things:
a squirrel on the garden wall–literally all things.

Every passing siren causes canine howls to bloom.
They seem to herald catastrophe–to signal the world’s doom.

If cats should chance to dream a tune, they keep it in their bosom,
but I think dogs release their songs simply to amuse ’em.


Word prompts today are: innuendo, bloom, bosom, blather and tune.

12 thoughts on “Animal Voices

  1. Fandango

    Our dog hardly barks at all. She’s mostly silent unless she sees other critters, like raccoons or coyotes. Our cat only meows when he’s hungry, which is often, and then it’s a plaintive call. But he does purr to express his pleasure when we stroke him.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I don’t let my dogs bark. If I whistle and call their names, they’ll stop. Except for howling, which is occasional and which I love. So musical. There are noisy dogs around me, though–although lately they’ve been a bit better as well. When people pass by in the street at night all the dogs bark, which is good for security, but I make my dogs stop after 30 seconds or so. The message has been received.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Geri. Glad you enjoyed it. Yes, I had 4 Blue Burmese cats.. a wild mother who moved in and then had 3 kittens. There were times when one of them would be in the other room and I could swear it was someone talking. Eerie. Lovely cats. One lived for 14 years and came with me to Mexico.

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  2. A World Beyond Humankind

    From an ant to an elephant, everyhing is an event in a dog’s life…
    Loved the poem. It was very relatable.



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