More Information about What is Going on in Minneapolis

Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash. Used with permission.

I’d like to reprint this message from Chris Beck, a very good friend who received it from a good friend of hers who lives in Minneapolis. Chris is very dependable and I’ve known her well for a number of years as we have shared a house at the beach for a month each summer for the past few summers. If she trusts the person who sent her this message, I would as well as  Chris is a woman of much integrity and heart. Below is what she published in her Facebook account this morning. This is one account. Add it to what else you have heard.
Chris Beck

And this…from a loved one in Minneapolis.

As most of you know (and if you didn’t know, now you do) me and my family live in the heart of Minneapolis. We live in the North neighborhood, about half a mile from downtown and about 2 miles from uptown. I just wanted to give a very upfront picture of what is actually happening over here, bc I believe the media isn’t reporting/showing it all the way it is; instead placing blame where it doesn’t belong and paving a road for more pain and destruction.

During the day, protests are generally pretty peaceful. No one is trying to hurt anyone, just simply exercising their first amendment rights. There are also organized clean-ups. LOTS of people donating to established drop sites for those in the communities affected, that need help. Safe places for people to go to rest, rejuvenate, cry, talk. A community coming together to fix something that has caused so much pain and suffering to our friends, family and neighbors, for far too long. And I am proud of Minneapolis for stepping up and not being afraid to FINALLY make that change and to support and lift eachother during this time. It’s emotional and beautiful and overwhelming.

In the evening, some things have shifted. This isn’t everywhere; some spots are still very peaceful. There are still people out doing good. But with the widespread coverage of what’s going on in our city, we have unfortunately attracted anarchists and white supremacists from out of town, even out of state, that have seen this as their opportunity to cause the destruction and uprising that they have been waiting for, and derail the purpose of the protestors that are doing right. Last night there were some arrests made, and 90% of those arrests were people that didn’t live in Minneapolis, or even MN. There have been truck loads of white men, armed with rifles, driving around the protest areas and neighborhoods. One of my best friends owns a home just blocks from the 5th precinct and she was up most of the night, protecting her home, bc a group of white men were running around her neighborhood, lighting garbage cans, cars, anything they could find, on fire in front of people’s homes. These are not BLM protestors. These are not protestors fighting for equal rights. These are opportunists that don’t even believe in the cause, and are fighting for their own beliefs, allowing the blame to be placed elsewhere. We’ve seen it with our own eyes.

For those that don’t live in Minneapolis/St Paul and would like to help, I am more than happy to pass along event pages for clean-ups and gatherings to help our affected communities. I am also happy to take any donations you may have and can distribute them accordingly. I have also listed some organizations below that could use some help, by way of donations, to support their cause; one is a Northside arts nonprofit, that is crucial to our neighborhood, and had some damage.

If you believe that what happened to George Floyd, and the countless other black and brown people all over our country, was wrong, then you should be doing something about it. It’s time. And there are so many ways to help! If you don’t believe that what happened was wrong, please unfriend me now. This is about human lives that have been taken and can’t be replaced. I don’t care what religion or political party you come from….this is about PEOPLE.

Official George Floyd Memorial Fund
Lake Street Council
Black Visions Collective
Reclaim the Block
MN Freedom Fund
Black Lives Matter
Juxtaposition Arts

I love you Minneapolis
Black Lives Matter

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9 thoughts on “More Information about What is Going on in Minneapolis

  1. annieasksyou

    This was what I suspected—and was what the mayor and governor were saying. But then there was a report that most of those arrested had been Minneapolis residents.

    I wrote my most recent post on this latest American horror story, and I shall follow up this week with a response it evoked from an African American friend. It’s on us white folks to make things better; we can’t allow these gross inequities (beyond the murders of innocent unarmed people—the whole ugly spectrum of persistent racism in all its manifestations) to continue to stain our country.




    Very well written and it reflects much of what we’re reporting. Neighbors helping neighbors, even risking being hurt or gassed to try to bring medical help and water and anti-irritant. The Guard had a very heavy hand Friday and Saturday nights, firing canisters at people watching from their porches.

    Everything Trump loves.

    I have a login to the star-tribune website that I am happy to share, though you probably have already signed up yourself.

    This will pass, at least here. My heart breaks for all the damage around the world. Atlanta’s mayor said, “If this isn’t a tipping point, I don’t know what is.” My sentiments exactly.

    Love to you, G


    1. lifelessons Post author

      If the offer to share the login is from you to me and not your friend to you, yes I would like to have access to it. I have two relatives living in Minneapolis in the thick of it and two in St. Paul.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Linda. You can be sure I will. Another good source for what is going on is Jere Fyvolent’s Facebook page. If you aren’t a friend, why don’t you ask to friend her? She keeps up on what is going on.



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