Helpless: Scene Viewed Through the Locked Glass Front Door of the Kitchen


Scene Viewed Through the Locked Glass Front Door of the Kitchen

There’s insurgent action at the rear kitchen door.
First one unrepentant rebel and now I see one more.
My houseguests didn’t secure the periphery completely
and now one paw has breached the screen and opened it completely!
A dog’s whole avarice is culinary. Now they seek it out.

That pork roast on the counter? Gone without a doubt!
That carrot cake I cherished? Demolished in a flash.
The potato salad vanishes. And now a furry dash.
They depart the opened doorway and soon they’re over yonder.
Their tummies adequately filled, I think they do not ponder
what the rest of us will dine on. Dogs are not endowed with guilt.
Should have factored in housebreakers when that sliding door was built!

Prompt words today are cherish, avarice, yonder, insurgent and potato.

22 thoughts on “Helpless: Scene Viewed Through the Locked Glass Front Door of the Kitchen

    1. lifelessons Post author

      This is fiction but based on past burglaries of: six porkchops from a skillet on the stovetop, one entire baked chicken and three dozen peanut butter cookies, not to mention countless pilferings of the garbage can. They are talented housebreakers and if the sliding door to the terrace is not fully pulled close, they can work the smallest crack into an open door. The screen and bars, if unlocked, they can open at will even when fully shut. When motivated, they can work wonders.

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            1. koolkosherkitchen

              Beba is Odessa-specific diminutive for Bella because she has always been la bella – very beautiful, but when we got her, she was tiny.
              Barmalei is a Russian boogieman; he is black, and my husband says that he is my familiar.


            2. lifelessons Post author

              Barmalei would work for Morrie or Diego! I still call them “Balegai” when they are bad, which is Amharic for “rascal, or bad.” “Woosha Balegai!” was bad dog..Fun to astound them with a language other than Spanish or English now and then. What fun to pull out a bit of Russian as well!

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