Jade Plant: FOTD July 16, 2020



For Cee’s FOTD

8 thoughts on “Jade Plant: FOTD July 16, 2020

      1. SAM VOELKER

        I have a couple of Jade plants, but no blossoms. I need to see what is wrong. When we lived in Houston such things were easy, but the dryness (and my lack of drive) out here is a problem. I must take them out on the porch and in the yard in summer and inside on the sun porch in winter. I depend on a rain water collection system inside the house, so must be careful. I do have well water outside, so that is not a problem in the yard.

        A couple of years back a storm came through and blew part of the roof off my green house; I lost all of my bromeliads, orchids and some of my succulents and plumeria from the freeze that came with the storm, and have not yet repaired the green house at all. But I have started with orchids, plumeria and bromeliads, which I now keep in my “man cave” where the humidity is high and warm from the Jacuzzi. Just yesterday I dug up the terrible looking rose bushes that were not even worth pruning again. When I lost Shirley, I also lost most of my desire to work with such things. This may explain why I mostly stick to native plants and pond/bog plants which better fit my wild but lazy nature. This morning I note some tiny “koi fri” so a new generation is coming…. Now to watch for that snake that ate so many last year.

        On top of everything else, I have lost my good yard workers when Trump and his “pseudo wall” arrived. It is dangerous for me to do tree pruning etc at my age, but I try, as for cutting weeds and grass, I enjoy that, as I have tractors which are fun and relaxing to drive. The only good Mexican workers left here have fine jobs in building construction. I used to be able to get fine labor for $80 per day now I can’t even get a BAD worker for more than three times as much even if I could find one. I am so lucky to have my two maids, which come on Thursday, (TODAY~!!!!) Right now it is so noisy I can’t write, so I am sitting on my south porch with a gentle breeze blowing and happy birds singing. Maria and Emelia have worked for me for about 15 years and I would not know what to do without them. They do everything, including washing and ironing, and even bring me breakfast burritos to go with my strong Louisiana coffee when they arrive~! Many weeks they are the only human connection I have, other than online jabber.

        As usual I did write a poem about this, (you knew I would, didn’t you~?)

        I too have seeds of plants that would be happy in your new ‘jardin segundo’, maybe we could swap some day.

        Here is my story of how a non wall stopped our emigration “problem” and the results:




        1. lifelessons Post author

          Well, my kitchen door fell off today.. the heavy metal and glass door to the outside terrace. Pasiano is here trying to fix it but I’m afraid the problem is more than we can deal with. Luckily there is another barred security door on the outside of the glass door so security won’t be a problem. Rain may be, though. Or perhaps he’ll solve the problem of why the mount no longer reaches the top door frame.


      1. SAM VOELKER

        maybe you have the answer, I must keep mine small enough to be carried inside when it freezes, they may need to be larger or older to bloom. Also mine do not bare money.



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