Americas Doing Worst in COVID-19 Pandemic, Making Up 55 Percent of Global Deaths


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8 thoughts on “Americas Doing Worst in COVID-19 Pandemic, Making Up 55 Percent of Global Deaths

  1. Melanie B Cee

    It’s depressing to read that America is leading the Covid ‘pack’ in numbers of deaths and exposures and so forth from Covid-19. I can’t say I’m surprised. Lately it seems that my beloved country is populated with entitled idiots who believe faux ‘news’ and demand that they still live as everyone did ‘before’. It doesn’t seem to cross those kind of Americans’ minds that they’re trampling all over someone else’s ‘rights’ when they run around bare faced and virus laden. I privately have come to believe that this is nature, doing it’s natural selection thing. Because in nature, don’t the weakest (stupidest in regard to those homo sapiens) die off quickest?


    1. Christine Goodnough

      Actually, my husband’s Mom lived through the Spanish ‘flu circa 1918 and she told us that it was often the strongest who were felled. In many cases whole families were wiped out, but her take on it was that the strong ones wouldn’t quit until they were really sick, whereas those who were already not the healthiest took to their beds sooner and took care of themselves.
      And it may be so again: the ones who think they’re strong, feel they can risk exposure and “handle this,” may be the ones who get hit hardest.
      If this epidemic is really just nature’s way of wiping out overpopulation (as my dad once said) or the “weakest,” then we’re making her job harder by taking so many precautions. 🙂


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Some of my mom’s family lived through it as well, and she always said she lost her dad and sister in it but when I look up birth records they are a year off. He worked at Ft. Riley where they figure it started in the U.S. with soldiers coming back from overseas. Guess I’ll never quite figure out–perhaps they were two of the first to die and most were the next year..not sure.


  2. Christine Goodnough

    It’s an interesting article, but I can’t quite get a handle on those stats. In one sentence the US is worst, next stats Brazil is way worse. I suppose statistics for this issue can never be “steady”; they’ll fluctuate back and forth from week to week.


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