My Day So Far, Sept 12, 2020

I awoke this morning on my own, some time before 8, having had 8 full hours of sleep–a rarity for me. I awoke without assistance from the cat or the dogs or both–another rarity. Stepped on the scales and then went into the bathroom to try on “the” pants–the ones hung up a month or so ago as a reminder that I needed to get serious about losing some of the weight I’ve gained during this isolation period–not to mention the weight I’d gained before. I’d hung them up as a goal. When I could actually zip them up, I would have passed the first milestone.  And guess what? They zipped up, albeit with some heavy inhaling to execute the zipper and button. 

A few days ago, my sister mentioned going on a fast diet. Very simple. You could eat anything you wanted to, but only within a 5 hour period each 24 hours. She had chosen 3 to 8 PM. She encouraged me to try it (even not having seen those khakis hanging like a flag of shame on my bathroom towel rack.) I remembered that my friend Blue had lost 34 pounds in the past six months on such a diet and later my friend Brad reminded me he’d lost 20 lbs. on it. Or was it 40?

And so, four days ago, I started on it myself, choosing the dining hours of 4-9 PM initially, then after doing more research that said that any shorter eating period than 6 hours didn’t really improve rate of loss, I gave myself a one-hour cushion. If I am hungry at 3, I can start then, or if I’ve started at 4, occasionally extend beyond the 9 PM mark. My problem is that I decided I would eat one meal at 4 (or 3) and then have my usual morning smoothie that night before my curfew. But, I get busy and two nights in a row noticed that it was 8:45–or 8:57–and I still hadn’t had it. Fast action the first night meant I got the smoothie made and drunk before the 9 PM cutoff. The other time I was 3 minutes over. 

At any rate, adhering strictly to these rules and having no others makes it a perfect diet for me after a lifetime of counting calories, carbohydrates or points. Somehow, it helps not to have to worry about food. I can eat half of that small pizza in the freezer–but now I choose yellow peppers and green olives to top it  rather than pepperoni. I can have yogurt and fruit, but skip the ice cream. Bread is not a no-no. I just limit the hours of its consumption. At yesterday’s weigh-in, I’d lost 3 pounds. Today it is down to 2. Not gonna worry about it. My friend visited yesterday with a Caesar salad and forced me to drink two gin and tonics. Life is to be lived. At least I drank them within my 6 hour period. 

7.2 pounds down (I’d lost a bit before beginning the fast) and I’m not telling how far to go. Gotta go now and find a new pair of pants as a goal.

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My blog, which started out to be about overcoming grief, quickly grew into a blog about celebrating life. I post daily: poems, photographs, essays or stories. I've lived in countries all around the globe but have finally come to rest in Mexico, where I've lived since 2001. My books may be found on Amazon in Kindle and print format, my art in local Ajijic galleries. Hope to see you at my blog.

16 thoughts on “My Day So Far, Sept 12, 2020

  1. Grace

    I use the 16/8 intermittent fasting schedule, suits me best since I don’t like eating at night – eating past 6pm just has too many negative side effects for me – that’s what’s so great about this eating schedule – flexible to suit your life style.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      ha.. That’s my flashy jewelry I barely wear but love to look at. Many times I let guests take a pair from that rack. There’s another rack of earrings I wear. I used to make jewelry so have a great appreciation for it.

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  2. msjadeli

    Congratulations! I’m on a similar “intermittent fasting” plan but the window is 8 hours not 6. I’m following it fine. Am not seeing a lot of results on the scale but energy level has increased and enjoying deeper sleep because no night snacking.


  3. rugby843

    A couple of grandkids are on this. It would work for me since I’m never hungry till about three anyway. Does morning coffee count? Then no. I like the forced gin and tonics🤓😅


  4. slmret

    I’m off schedule on my weigh-ins, but I think I’ve lost about 15 pounds since the beginning of the pandemic shut-downs — mostly because I stopped eating dinners in restaurants. Each time I do take-out food, I notice it creeps back up, but so far I seem to be maintaining it pretty well.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        I’ve lost 9.2 in the past month, doing the 18 hour fast per day during just the past 5. 3.6 of the lbs in that last 5 days. It helps me to weigh daily and keep track. Much easier than counting calories!



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