The frugal rays of winter’s sun, sifted through the trees,
seem to have lost their power. They can’t dispel the freeze.
We watch the speckled darkness to try to find a sign
that promises the advent of a weather more benign.
The purity of winter, frigid and refined,
is melted in the heat of a summer sort of mind.
We stretch out on the beaches of our memory,
viewing with our minds that baked futurity.
Wound up in our mufflers, sealed snuggly in our gloves,
we sit on benches in the park, recalling summer loves.



Word prompts today are darkness, frugal, watch and refine.

5 thoughts on “Forecast

    1. lifelessons Post author

      He had so much fun. The problem was that the kids kept coming up on the porch to let him out of his cage and didn’t put him back again. And one little girl came up and found the bag of dog food and filled up numerous bowl for him–and he ate them all! He had many companions in crime.



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