Creepy-crawlies in the Moon’s Eclipse

Creepy-crawlies in the Moon’s Eclipse

They congregate at night, they do—the newts and snakes and frogs—
to discuss the art of slithering and their new pollywogs.
But if the night is moonless and the stars covered with cloud,
They start to think of evil things that can’t be voiced aloud.
And if the night gets dark enough, they’ll probably conspire
to wiggle in through door cracks, ooze in on router wire.
They’ll squirm across your carpets and right up to your bed
to snuggle down in armpits or to circle round your head.
The snake will peek into your ears and travel up your nose,
investigating your insides as he comes and goes. 
The frog will croak accompaniment to echo in your dreams.
The world when we’re asleep, you see, is not quite what it seems.
And if you dream about it during the next eclipse,
It’s just your memory of the truth you heard from these two lips.




My prompt from Tourmaline’s Halloween Challenge is frog.

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