Culinary Haunting

I know Halloween is coming up fast, but it’s not here yet and I just had the spookiest thing happen to me on Google.

I had just finished my dinner and had several Brussels sprouts left on my plate. Diego was scratching on the door of the Doggie Domain to be fed and before I fed them my remaining sprouts along with their regular doggie fare, I thought I’d check out whether they were good for dogs.  I had just typed in “Can dogs eat . . . .” and Google completed the sentence with “cooked Brussels sprouts?!!!”  How spooky is that? What are the chances that anyone would ask that question of all the thousands of possibilities? I have not mentioned Brussels sprouts ever on my computer. How could Google know? Then I happened to notice that the sticky note had fallen off my camera lens on my computer, which I always keep covered. Had Google been spying on me as I ate my meal in front of the computer????

My lens is now again covered, and as I take my last few bites of yogurt and blueberries, I’m tempted to write, ‘Can dogs eat . . .?”  If Google says “blueberries and yogurt,” I am going to be seriously spooked!!!

Nope. It did predict my ending, but once again it suggested, “Can dogs eat cooked Brussels sprouts?”

21 thoughts on “Culinary Haunting

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha..More puzzled than worried. Or perhaps amazed. They do have computers now that can read your mind. Just hope it’s still a bit more complicated than turning on Google. ;o) (If you don’t believe me, read “The Brain that Changes Itself.” A fascinating book.

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