Back to the Beginning

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Back to the Beginning

When I began my journey, I was jocular and young—
no hardness in my heart and no burrs upon my tongue.
I hadn’t joined the fracas and the chilling of the years.
I had none of life’s baggage—no heartaches and no fears.

Life had not disseminated all her tawdry facts
and I had not encountered them by gossip or by acts.
No tricksters had deceived me. My heart remained intact.
I knew not what I’d missed. I was naïve of what I lacked.

And now that I am older, I’ve returned to what I had
before I had decided I must follow every fad.
The things that I’ve acquired? I am loosening my hold.
I’ve found that satisfaction is not something that is sold.

I have simplified agendas, taking time to see and do
all the things I overlooked while in the human zoo.
The progress of a caterpillar on a hanging vine
as effective as a church in reaching the divine.

The flutter of a wing, the morning calls of birds
reveal as much about the world as news reports or words.
Drawing back into what’s basic and screening the uncouth
has helped me in regaining the lighter heart of youth.


Prompt words for today are journey, trick, fracas, disseminate, chilling and  jocular,

20 thoughts on “Back to the Beginning

        1. lifelessons Post author

          I have seen hundreds of the larvae but never the moth. Can’t figure it out. They love my VA creeper in the larva stage but never see them around the bushes and trees the hummers and butterflies swarm to. Frustrating.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks Dolly. Doing a dozen things at once today and getting to the blogging late tonite,,regarding comments, that is. Then I got intrigued decorating a Xmas tree for Yoli’s Barbie doll. The idea was I bought a charming little wire tree and assembled things for her to use as ornaments. The problem was, I kept devising ways to attach things and then thinking it was too hard for her to do.. then got carried away and the tree is decorated. Perhaps I’ll get her another one and tell her to decorate it and then to take whichever she wants to and to give the other to me. Would this be a good solution? I know. Early for Xmas but we can’t celebrate Day of the Dead this year in the traditional way, so Xmas popped up earlier than usual. I won’t give her the tree until December. That way I’ll have time to wrap all the gifts to put under it. ;o)

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      The most fascinating creatures, and I don’t mind them eating my Virginia Creeper, but they poop all over the patio and the table, so Pasiano has become the best small game hunter. Although they are invisible to me, he can locate all of the day’s interlopers. We take them down to the spare lot garden I’m developing so they have another place to go. There will be lots of Virginia Creeper there.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Christine Goodnough

    So very true! The intricacies of the natural world are indeed something to marvel at; the variety of “intelligent design,” as scientists say nowadays. And nature lives above all our conflicts, as McRae’s poem says:
    “…and in the sky the lark still bravely singing, flies;
    scarce heard amidst the guns below.”

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