Ode to a Spider, Best Spinner of All, and to a Mosquito, Caught in its Thrall


To the Spider

Insatiable monster, you spin your fine strands,
creating your trap with abdominal glands.
You then cast your nets out into the breeze
that carries them off to the bushes and trees.
With anticipation, you wait in the center
for mosquitos or flies—whatever may enter
your gossamer trap. Then, their prospects are dire,
for one tremor of contact is all you require
to be off in a flash to put them to bed
with  a cocoon of silk wrapped from bottom to head.

To the Mosquito

“I am” says the spider, as she sips out your sap,
“going to have a light lunch, and then take a nap!”


The spider pulls the silk created from liquid in its body through its spinnnerets – silk-secreting organs on its abdomen. Once the thread is started, the spider lifts its spinnerets into the breeze. It’s the breeze that is the secret to the spider’s ability to spin a web from one tree to another.


Prompt words today are anticipation, insatiable, monster, require, I am and spider.

21 thoughts on “Ode to a Spider, Best Spinner of All, and to a Mosquito, Caught in its Thrall

        1. lifelessons Post author

          I usually wake up fifteen minutes before the alarm goes off or when the animals wake me up..whichever occurs first. I think I awakened from a dream this time, though, with a pressing need to do something that vanished seconds after I awakened.

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