Failure to Launch

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Failure to Launch

When it comes to doing tasks promotional or clerical,
I find that I’m becoming increasingly hysterical.
It’s tough for me to concentrate. I would rather plot
the next word of a poem. A promoter I am not.

I find that my mind wanders when it comes to drafting
queries and proposals. I prefer to spend time crafting
poems, books or stories; but I find it tough
after creative efforts, doing that extra stuff
to place them or to sell them. Though I do not mind the working, 
when it comes to the rest of it, I simply end up shirking.

Words pile up around me. My file drawers burst apart,
for when it comes to their dispersal, I find I’m weak of heart.
It’s not that I am hoarding words. I’d gladly send them out
into the world to find their place. That’s not what it’s about.

The fact that such acts bore me is a fact that’s inescapable.
I’d like to hand them over to a person who’s more capable.
I delight in going inwards and seeing what is there, 
then putting it on paper for everyone to share.

It would be an equal triumph, I have not a single doubt,

if I could find a person I could pay to send it out;
but, alas, I’ve found a new way in which I am resistant,
as I keep putting off locating an assistant!

Word prompts today are tough, hysterical, capable and triumph.

8 thoughts on “Failure to Launch

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I used to be great at promoting our art for 15 years. When I moved to Mexico I sold every single sculpture of my husband’s and all of our lamps. I’ve just sorta worn out in terms of selling things. I wouldn’t mind selling–just don’t want to do the work of it.


  1. msjadeli

    Oh Judy, I can relate to this SO much! I think a perfect assistant would be an English major college student looking to earn some pocket change. Even a motivated high school student would be good.

    Liked by 1 person


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