Last Photo for November, 2020

Bushboy asked us to publish the last photo we took in November. Here’s mine: 

I never eat the pomegranates on this tree but this one actually looks edible. I’d rather feast my eyes on it, however, as it is placed so nicely in view over my wall!

For Bushboy’s Prompt: Last Photo for November.

7 thoughts on “Last Photo for November, 2020

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I used to love pomegranates. They grew a lot of them in Israel. Pomegranates and kiwis. Sometimes I got lucky and was working with someone who lived on a kibbutz or moshav and they’d come into work with BUSHELS of fruit. You could actually make yourself ill by eating have a bushel of any fruit, even tangerines. I did myself in on kiwis.



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