Opposites (MLMM Photo Challenge)

Image by Oleg Oprisco. https://www.oprisco.com/


If we are touching,
it is back-to-back,
each dreaming
in the opposite direction
of the other.

East and  west,
calm and storm,
sunlight and moonlight,
our wandering soon
will take us in opposite directions.

It was fun. You were the best,
but now it’s time for all the rest,
and if I know the truth of you,
I know you also won’t be blue

when it happens—
that thing we knew would happen
from the beginning,
when two solitary souls
what if.

We were to write something to go with this photo. Here is the site for the challenge: https://lifeafter50forwomen.com/2020/12/01/mlmm-photo-challenge-you-are-here/

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