The light soaks through the haze, seeking refuge from the gloom.
Through a western window, it seeps into my room.
I, too, could use an ally. I am gutted and alone,
feeling jaded to earth’s pleasures. I’ve stripped them to the bone.  

What is left to pique excitement after all these years?
What new thrills are there to savor as my ending nears?
They are enough, I answer, the adventures that I’ve made.
Now is the time to bask in them, then let the sunlight fade.

Word prompts today are: jade, refuge, excited and ally.

25 thoughts on “Overcast


    So very beautiful Judy~! I love both the photo and the poem. Both are so YOU~! A photo far superior even to some of those paintings of Georgia O Keeffe and of her flowers, which she often wrote an allegorical description about of her double entendre paintings~! With such a post you will never need the fear of having an ally, feeling gutted, jaded, admired or alone….!

    PS: this would make a good profile photo because it tells such a great story about you~!
    PPS: now who took the photo~?

    Damn, maybe I should not write another note today~!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      That photo was taken in a little restaurant in the hills above Oaxace. I cropped it as my friend Linda was also in it and it didn’t suit the theme. I also erased the tables and chairs. I can’t remember who took it or why. We certainly weren’t posing. It may be that my friend Joe took it as we went there together.. That makes sense. In that case he may have taken it with his camera and then sent me a copy. I found it on a disk from an old computer. Long answer.

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      1. SAM VOELKER

        The dark, almost transparent, “dreamy like you”, coupled with the bright sunny outside scenery of what you might be dreaming of; …. other people, other times and places, makes for a stark story of your life as I think I may know it, and it fits your poem exactly. I envisioned this as a fine portrait by removing the iron post, (which does not belong), and moving you just a little closer to the window, to make it small enough to use as a “title poster”. Would you like to see what it would look like~??

        As to the rest of my statement about O’Keeffe; that was just my usual old jackass self poking fun at you about your flower photo. I often wish that I could get that out of my system. While she was a great painter, some of her work did often put dirty thoughts into my brain as a younger boy.

        The weather is rather erratic here, which has my arthritis acting up, until my stiff fingers make it difficult to type, in addition to that, I have been spending a lot of time helping my Son in Austin do some construction work on his home, which has not left me much time to think about my many avocations, but I do have a long post written about that provocation on lies, and my interpretation of it. It badly needs editing due to those stiff fingers and my typos, coupled with spell check, turning some words into something I did not mean to say.

        I did make several of those small window boxes which I showed you; some out of wood and some out of stone, with inserts so that they could be used inside the house with no bother about water damage.


          1. SAM VOELKER

            I SENT A COPY OF IT TO YOUR HOT MAIL ACCOUNT. LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO NOT GET IT… I can not find the photos tonight, and It will be a few days before I can get new photos of the latest ones I have built, but I will send the ones I have tomorrow if I can find them….Just got back from having dinner with friends. Will a photo of Tami do until I find the rest~?


  2. Dale T Wilson

    Oh, dear Judy. Such sobering images—of aging, seeming loss of opportunity, of emotional chastity.
    And, hope &?courage to reference your vast rollerdeck of a vibrant life. Hey, as soon as possible, let’s do ‘wild crazy’ travel.


  3. lifelessons Post author

    Aha.. your next poem. Perhaps it should be a challenge. Okay, Mary, I’ve done it. Now it’s your turn. Never let it be said that I don’t accept a challenge. I’ll be looking for your talking house!

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