The Kiss-Off

The Kiss-Off

This incessant waiting clearly is the pits.
Frankly, I am tempted to say I call it quits.
I’ve been standing here for minutes when I’d much rather be seated,
and in spite of the tree’s canopy, I’m feeling rather heated.

The onus is on you, my friend, to tell me why we’re meeting.
You’ve used up your excuses and used up your entreating.
Friends do not do the things you do. They keep your confidences.
They do not carry tales. They come to their friends’ defenses.

You beg to meet just once again and then you show up late?
I rue the day I bonded with such a reprobate.
You have not won me over, in fact, without a doubt,
I fear our friendship’s over. Your test period’s run out! 


words for today are canopy, onus, incessant and waiting.

19 thoughts on “The Kiss-Off

        1. SAM VOELKER

          Let me explain why~!!
          Your poem “The Kiss Off” brought back deep memories of an event so I will try to explain.

          A year before this past spring I had a friend who came down from Minnesota to enjoy our beautiful spring together. We had planned a long “round robin” type vacation trip of over a week, first into south Louisiana to enjoy the spring flowers, primarily loving the deep bright blossoms of the Azaleas and Camellias, strolling among the live oaks, and antebellum homes of that area. With a visit to Avery Island and Lafayette to enjoy Louisiana food with fresh “crawfish”, this was our prime destination with stops in Galveston and Houston along the way,

          After Avery Island I planned to go north through memories of my bygone days of old, on up through East Texas and their Tyler Rose festival, and on to Dallas before dropping back down to Austin. I had a great “back road spring trip week” planned for us, not only seeing family and friends, but primarily enjoying a beautiful part of America in my new little car.

          Her plane arrived in San Antonio late in the evening and I was to go there to pick her up with our great trip all planned out to commence the next day in San Antonio~!….

          Now I know San Antonio very well having lived there, but anyone will tell you that it was laid out on cow paths all radiating out from the center of town at the Alamo, so the grid of the inner city is much like a huge spider web, none of those dumb North/South, East/West streets.

          However within two minutes from the airport, I missed my turn, and got off on one of those “split, one way, spider web streets”. No problem, I would follow my GPS and not miss my rendezvous ~! However again, my luck failed me, something happened and my cell phone stopped working at the same time, with my GPS depending on it….. I WAS LOST ~!!.

          Meanwhile there she sat in an almost empty airport with anger arising faster than the planes, and with me, who with the street signs being difficult to see in the total darkness, was like a blind man, unable to find my way back, but on top of that I also could not call her, to tell her of my problem due that bum cell phone.

          It was almost an hour before I untangled myself and showed up at the airport, by watching the flight path of landing airplanes….May I say that by then she was “a little bit upset” and let me know it by telling me something much like you alluded to in your poem:

          So here it was almost midnight, and she had not had anything to eat, which made her acting almost like having a possible fit of PMS, and not accepting any lame excuse from (little old innocent) me~!

          Such a cold loveless evening it was, and the next day the beauty of south Texas had lost its allure, and the stay with my family in Galveston was almost the same…. However, during that period I learned from her that I snore in my sleep, I did not stop at the proper places to eat, I drove too fast, I drove too slow, I follow an 18 wheeler too close, my car was too small, I did not take proper consideration of others, I talked too loud, I talked too much, and I also learned that she could quickly drink down in a short while one of those large “box wines” among those that I had packed to enjoy on our eleusinian like stops~! You know all of those (little) things to build a Trump size wall in a relationship that would be difficult to surmount~!

          Thank goodness though, somewhat cooler minds prevailed and Avery Island, with the egrets, alligators, musk rats, the camellias, and azaleas of Jungle Garden brought back a bit of civility, but even then I have had many more pleasant trips, even with her, in the past~!

          I guess this is what precipitated, my comment about leaving me high and dry. We should either try to solve such things with a hug, or recite the likes of your poem, “Luxuriating in Being Left” So I guess I was feeling somewhat left high and dry without that luxury~!


  1. Ilene

    Oh Judy, good one. “Ouch” to whomever deserved this via the courage you so consistently show – and I can think of a few whom in my own life should get this verbal slap across the arse, myself.



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