As Her Majesty Ordains

As Her Majesty Ordains

An extraordinary show pooch, she was top dog in her class.
Her coat was long and silky and glittered like fine glass.
Her canine teeth were pearly, her tail a lovely plume.
Every eye turned toward her when she walked into a room.

Her master, pumped-up in his pride, gloried in her fame.
Every judge in every show knew her fabled name.
At shows he closely guarded her from every dog she met.
Never took her walking, lest her feet get wet.

Not once had she chased a ball, a rabbit or a stick.
She couldn’t jump in leaves for her coat was just too thick.
Her master feared she’d sully it and he would be the one
who’d pay with time spent grooming her if she had some fun.

But the neighbor was her savior when her master was away,
for he would come into her yard and they would run and play.
Fetching sticks and playing tug-rope and racing through the yard,
she could simply be a doggie and let down her royal guard.

But one day her master came home in the middle of the morning
and caught them in their playtime with nary a pre-warning.
He promptly whistled for his dog to bring it to an end,
casting a baleful look at his pet’s clandestine friend.

But her highness did not deign to come, in spite of all her training.
No matter what her master did, she ended up remaining
close to her only playmate–hoping the yells would end,
but instead her master fumed and shouted at her only friend.

“You hogamadog? I going to steal your cat one day!”
(Did I reveal he was Italian? You know they talk that way.)
And did I say the neighbor had a cat? He did, you know, of course.
(Sometimes when I talk, the cart goes on before the horse.)

But the whole thing ended happily. The neighbor pled his case
and before the day was over, the dog’s master joined the chase.
The neighbor helped with grooming after they all jumped in leaves,
thereby doing in one of the master’s former peeves.

Did I introduce the owner? His first name was Giuseppe.
Oscar was the neighbor, both duplicitous and peppy.
Duchess was the given name of the illustrious bitch
who improved her retrieval once her master learned to pitch.


Prompt words for the day are pearl, fumes, hogamadog and glitter.

24 thoughts on “As Her Majesty Ordains


    Great poem Judy~!!!, but on a subject that I have long felt very bad about. Show dogs do not have a very happy life, most spend their life in a little 2′ X 2′ cage taken to show after show, all for the EGO of their owners, then if they are “winners” of a few shows, they become a breeding machine for the owner to make more money on them, but if only one puppy does not meet the requirements of a “top show dog”, it is no longer given the name of that breed it really is, and hopefully is sent out for adoption, if it is not euthanize,,,,A world we know too little about~! Tami and the past four dogs that were part of my life came from that sane life. Her ears were just not “perkey” enough and she has an “under bite”, so they tried to pass her as a “Chihuahua” as a puppy, but I had her checked which proved her pedigree~! Isn’t that dumb~? (most baby puppies look similar)…. No show dog is she~!, but the smartest, most lovable companion I could ever have found. Her only fault is that she often shows that she is smarter than I am, and is too gregarious, wanting to share her love on the lap of everyone she meets~! So sad the ones that miss this great love so fine in the name of ego~!
    I hope you do not mind my keeping this one in my “BEST” file, only a person who knows this story would truly appreciate it~!




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