One Time Guest

One Time Guest

Adroit in her procrastination, glorious in her folly,
she bombed at being punctual, was great at being jolly.
The life of every party, she was a lively guest.
At entertaining festive folks she was the very best.
And though she ate her mashed potatoes and gobbled up her fishes,
she balked at setting tables and refused to do the dishes.
So, though at entertaining, she surely had the knack,
it’s not at all surprising she was not invited back.


Prompt words for today are procrastinate, adroit, bomb and glorious.

8 thoughts on “One Time Guest

    1. lifelessons Post author

      That happened to me once when I’d planned a very fancy sit-down dinner for twelve and had the tables all set and a friend showed up drunk with three or four friends!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        The woman I am thinking about, (the wife of a first cousin who is now dead), called our parties “family gatherings” and felt that all her friends were invited too~! We never knew how much food we needed because she and they would just show up. She was a bit crazy and insisted that she had been a captive on a flying saucer~! I sometime wished she was….Actually we had to quit our annual gathering one year because of her, just “announced” that to get rid of her~! (but we had it at a later time)….


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