Hopeful Holidays

Hopeful Holidays

In almost every culture, at least once every year,
there is some celebration that brings on belly-cheer.
So bring out the turkey, the cranberries and beer.
Commence that over-eating that we all hold dear.

Over-feeding is a statement, a type of family caring,
as are the ugly Christmas sweaters you seem to be wearing.
After all the wrapping up comes all the paper tearing,
all the boxes opening and all the surprise-baring.
Then we dedicate ourselves to other acts of daring,
be it ham or goose or turkey, lutefisk or herring.
Lucky, lucky people to have family for bearing:
Aunt Stella’s time-worn stories and Uncle Herman’s swearing.
Each of us just wondering how far-flung friends are faring.
Here’s hoping you have friends and family with whom you are sharing.

Even though we may have  masks spread out from ear-to-ear,
let’s end the year departing from these months of constant fear
to shift our expectations into a higher gear,
hoping 2021 turns out to be less queer!!!


Prompt words today were caring, lucky, dedicated and belly-cheer.

Merry Christmas everyone. Treasure your families, even in their absence.
This, too, shall pass.  xooxox

12 thoughts on “Hopeful Holidays

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I think as tragic as this year has been that we need to start sharing some of the positive aspects of it. There is always some positive in every negative. With me, it was really starting to appreciate my home and garden, my development of the lot next to me and the fact that I went back to the art studio after many years absence. Also, the generosity of neighbors in adding my shopping to their own, bringing food over, even calling over the side fence. Many blessings.

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      1. Sadje

        That is so true. Many great examples of human kindness were seen. Also we did realize how we were exploiting the resources of our planet and there are some lessons learned.



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