Unwrapped Gift

Unwrapped Gift

You thought life had an itinerary all mapped out and planned?
You thought it was a deck of cards, all dealt out and fanned?
You’d play this card, then that one and win the game with ease?
Fate saw your plan and chuckled and brought you to your knees.

So much for jubilation, for celebration and
your misapprehension you’d been dealt a winning hand.
Humanity is just a part of Nature’s total plan.
Evolution didn’t end when she invented man.

In one hand she holds her sketch pad, in the other an eraser.
One she uses to create herself, the other to efface her.
One creation a success, another a mistake,
Our triumph’s not the only choice that she has to make.

It’s time for the whole human race to eat its humble pie
and align itself with nature, or make the choice to die.
Nature’s not here to conquer. It’s here to show the way.
The truth of that’s the gift that we must learn this Christmas Day.

Prompt words today are humanity, itinerary, celebrate and jubilation.

22 thoughts on “Unwrapped Gift

      1. Sadje

        You’re welcome! I don’t celebrate Christmas as I am a Muslim. But we do enjoy the holiday and wait in anti CD we

        I don’t celebrate Christmas as I am a Muslim. But we enjoy the holiday.


      1. koolkosherkitchen

        Dear Judy, I don’t even know how to get into Facebook! I know that all my posts get automatically posted there, as if by magic, but I never visit it myself. However, I also appreciate having you as a friend on WP; your work enriches and enhances my life.



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