Though he was a misanthrope,
his beauty gave him grounds to hope
that he could find a sugar mama
to soothe his monetary trauma.
And thus he plotted that he might
seduce an aged socialite.

He charmed her with so little fuss
that he found it ridiculous.
Yet if he wished to wed and woo her,

he knew that he would have to “do” her.
(If he must pretend to love her,
he knew he must go under cover.)

But once he’d done his very best
and thought it time for him to rest,
the dowager was sorely vexed.
“Oops!” she said, and then, “What’s next?”
The price of love, he thought, was steep.

He’d clearly have to earn his keep!


Prompts for today are what next, ridiculous, hope and oops. Photo by Gift Habeshaw on Unsplash, used with permission.

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