Ulterior Motive

Ulterior Motive

When you take me to the gym for our initial date,
do you mean to intimate you find me overweight?
You blanket me with strategies for my self- improvement
and give me tips on dieting and exercise and movement,
then hand over your business card as a personal trainer,
saying you require a small amount for a retainer.

Because your gaze was mesmerizing, I became distracted,
but now I think that this first “date” will not be reenacted.
I see now that the signal in your eyes when they met mine
was not infatuation, but simply a money sign.
When it comes to self-improvement, I know what I must do.
The first option that I’ll exercise is getting rid of you!


Word prompts today are blanket, intimate, mesmerizing and distracted.

9 thoughts on “Ulterior Motive

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hopefully we are on the upswing as a nation. Sometimes it takes a catastrophic event to make folks see the light. And further good news. I finally re-lost the 4 lbs. I re-gained after eating the 4 Xmas cookies my neighbors sent over. Those were some cookies! So who needs a personal trainer? ;o)



    Oh madam, you have just mistaken that little controversial noncommercial infomercial as something inertial so just sit tight and follow the law of inertia, letting things work out, thus taking a lot of weight off your mind,,,,, or elsewhere~!

    Time will tell, Sam



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