I’m hiding in my broken self, couched down deep inside,
in concord with those secret parts I find it best to hide.
The most appealing sides of me are ones I choose to show
while the shattered rest of me finds somewhere else to go.

We often come together. We conspire in my dreams
when who I really am comes out to join with whom she seems.
It’s a convocation of past selves and of present—
all my selves from bratty kid to other selves more pleasant.

That part that takes the smallest piece of cake comes face-to-face
with parts that want the biggest piece and put her in her place.
Those selves that were once bullied confront their sense of loss,
face up to the bully and for once end up the boss.

Broken hearts are mended and pride put in its place.
In dreams I deal with all my faults that I’m meant to face.
It’s there I meet with former selves that weep or laugh or rage,
and then when I awaken, I put them on the page.

Prompt words for the day are appealing, broken, hiding and concord.

2 thoughts on “Convocation

  1. okcForgottenMan

    I just realized (via your poking) that I hadn’t yet read your poem – I thought this post was only the photo! But I LOVE the poem, especially the concept/sentiment/philosophy that we don’t have parts – we have multiple whole selves within us. (And I just realized that “convocation” is one of those words that I’ve heard all my life and kinda, sorta assumed I knew what it means. I only just now Merriam-Webstered it. I was kinda close, but not close enough. I just LOVE finding out I’ve been doing words wrong! (I mean, I also hate it!))

    Liked by 1 person


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