“Comeuppance Rears Its Ugly Head–Again!”

“Comeuppance Rears Its Ugly Head–Again!”

I’ve an issue with these prompts that give us words that are obscure.
Any more weird words will be more than I can endure.
I yearn for words more ordinary so my poem can shine.
Shame on you for choosing words that stand out above mine

like a boil on proboscis or a zit on a smooth cheek.
A prompt word should suggest a theme, but never prompt an “Eeeek!”
A prompt word should strike lightning but not burn down all the trees.
Think before you prompt, dear friends. No more “comeuppance,” please!

* “Comeuppance” has been the prompt word for two of the four prompt sites I use in the past week and one suggested it twice, withdrawing the earlier prompt after I’d already written my poem, so I rewrote the line, thankfully, only to have the word pop up a few days later in another prompt site, then again in this one a few days later! Now, if you want to see “comeuppance” for a fourth time, click on the link for “obscure.” I hereby give the word its own comeuppance by means of this poem.

Prompt words today are lightning, issue, obscure and yearn. Illustration thanks to DP on Unsplash. Used with permission. 

15 thoughts on ““Comeuppance Rears Its Ugly Head–Again!”

  1. Christine Goodnough

    I noticed that it was used twice lately, on different prompt sites. And you do have a point. I came across the word “termagant” one day in a 1930s book and thought of using it for a prompt sometime, but decided it might stump everyone and the meaning’s not “politically correct.” 🙂


  2. Fandango

    I used comeuppance in a FOWC with Fandango prompt back in November 2019, but it has shown up as a daily prompt word twice in 10 days recently. At least it’s a real word, unlike some of the other strange words that have shown up lately in the Word of the Day prompt. I’m not naming names… 😏



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