School Reunion


School Reunion

I love school reunions, it goes without saying.
Rehashing our virile youth now that our hair is graying,
our stories grow much shorter as our memories are fraying.
I’ve drunk nostalgia from the cup, but now there’s no delaying.

The past is always with us, but alternatives I’m weighing.
I’ve an acumen for homecoming, but no talent for staying.
Once the bloom is off the rose, I have to be off straying.
The past is a dead horse, whereas my future self is neighing!

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If you want to know how I colorized that old black and white photo, go here:

Prompts for the day are homecoming, acumen, bloom and drunk.

11 thoughts on “School Reunion

  1. Marion Couvillion

    Yes it is Judy and last night mine hit me right in my gut~! Today would be our 60th wedding anniversary, and a month from today (March 5th), will be 10 years after her death, throwing me back into one of those depressed moods, so I had trouble sleeping. Not being able to sleep I was looking at old (Word) post I keep. In looking at these post, (which I keep toward that eternal book I dream about), I happened upon the attached one which I wrote to you, in reply to a poem you had written about life being much like a salad… Often I do not actually post (send) what I write, so (because I could not find your post of it) I do not know if I ever posted this answer to you. Anyway it is attached here in case you have not read it.

    I really do not peruse your poetry, but at times I see a subject that gets my attention… Don’t you do the same~?

    Well you must know by now that I am eclectic and my salad taste changed a lot with my walk through life. Both my salad of life and the dietary ones as well. Up to the time when I “went away” to school at the tender age of 17, I was just a Coonass boy, mostly only knowing about the world through my reading, as you seem to have done as well, in your early years. I read about those foreign places and dreamed of some day visiting them. Little did I realize that those dreams would, some day, be fulfilled and I did not have a plan of “running away” through life to accomplish this, only dreams. Sort of a lettuce and tomato salad, with French dressing~! UGH~!

    As soon as I got out from under the Evangelical thumb of my mother, I began to see that there was a lot more to life than meatballs and rice with turnip greens, and if there was a salad, it was only a touch of lettuce with tomato and mayonnaise on it. (ditto~!)

    After school I “bloomed” and found that I loved the ladies, by then more thinking about dessert than salad. No I was not a fickle person, I was learning about life, It was then that found my liberal thoughts were “not unique after all” as I found several “friends” who thought as I did, Usually in the town I would just be moving out from, My gypsy like way of life took me over several states and on into Canada, later dropping down into central and south America. (My mother thought that: “I kept loosing my job”, but I was only being sent on different projects, for the same company.) This is the time when I discovered both in life and diat, that there were other ways of having a salad, just by adding anchovies, shrimp or crayfish topped with blue cheese dressing, when in Louisiana, (which was one of my favorites at that time), with a martini on the side, (margaritas were not invented in the US yet)

    I had my first margarita in a place called Tommy’s in Juarez, in the middle 50’s put together by a bar tender named Morales, don’t remember his first name but his wife was named Margaret, or Margarita and it was said that he named the drink after her.. It was not long before you could get a copy of it anywhere along the border, but still not in the US, that I could find.

    Oh I got off the subject, as to of my “life salad”, it often had to be one who could hold my attention with a good conversation and looked appetizing~!. I was not much of a beer drinker; except in Canada where it often seemed to be the only thing to drink. No I did not love them and leave them, just had a large appetite~! Sometime you want a unique salad to go with each meal.

    I have a friend here in the Austin area, and when invited, I actually look forward to having dinner with her because she never has the same salad fixed the same way twice, but most have pecans, avocados, onions, pickles, olives, and lumps of cheese, with something thrown in to give it a unique taste with the choice of a dressing that goes with the food and wine. Saying that I was eclectic tells you that I conducted my life the same way, always looking for a new adventure. (even the nuts)

    Shortly after finding someone who loved me and all same things that I did and said, one who also wanted to “travel” through life with me. My having tasted all those salads of life, I was then ready to settle down, enjoying what and who she was, so we got married. (February 7, 1961)

    One of the first projects where we moved after that, was Rock Springs Wyoming. Old haunts for me but new for her as it was her first time “out West”. I had a company car which I pulled behind my little old pickup truck, loaded with our belongings, and Shirley drove our new little car behind me.

    On our way there we had bad luck. The bed of the little truck caught fire in the middle of the Red Desert, from an improperly installed exhaust pipe, and everything we owned was burning in it. She tried to blow the horn and blink her lights to let me know, but it took a while for me to be alerted.

    I bet you already know that in the Red Desert there is nothing but grease-wood, wind, blowing sand and a few Indians. An 18 wheel trucker stopped and we took a chain, looped it over our belongings and pulled off what we could salvage out of the fire.

    While fighting the embers, I turned around and saw Shirley throwing things back into the fire~!!…. It turned out to be a shoe-box letters that I had long forgotten were still around… She was getting rid of my old “love letters”, or would you call them salad recipes~? I actually loved her even more, for doing this, because she had never mentioned them to me, but they had been bothering her for months.

    Now look what you did, you brought back old memories (sort of a tossed salad wouldn’t you say~?)


    On Sun, Feb 7, 2021 at 9:30 AM lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown wrote:

    > lifelessons posted: “1960 School Reunion I love school reunions, it goes > without saying. Rehashing our virile youth now that our hair is graying, > our stories grow much shorter as our memories are fraying. I’ve drunk > nostalgia from the cup, but now there’s no delaying. T” >


    1. lifelessons Post author

      And, Happy Anniversary. In all our years together, Bob and I only celebrated our anniversary once.. and later found we’d celebrated it on the wrong day. To this day I can’t remember what day in March we were married but know it was in 1987.



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