This is a pretty kettle of fish,
a quagmire that we’re caught in.
You only need to take one sniff
to know that something’s rotten.

We thought we’d amble on through life
as lively as we pleased,
but then someone got a fever
and another someone sneezed.

Suddenly, we all slowed down,
imprisoned in our houses,

devoid of underwear
and wearing nightgowns for our blouses.

Watching TV all night long,
avoiding lowlife dives,

reduced to just our families,
we floundered in our lives.

That’s how we came to beg for it,
to scheme and plot and wheedle.

Who thought we’d be so grateful
for the nose swab and the needle?

Prompt words are kettle, quagmire, sniff, amble and lively.

9 thoughts on “2021

  1. animar64

    I want my life back. So far I am up to wearing more colorful clothes instead of drab colors, I am planning on where to go on vacation next year, and I am experimenting with new recipes for dishes to serve my guests when I can start entertaining again. It might not sound like much but it’s a start.

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