Infinite Variety

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Infinite Variety

Some cling to what’s affordable, others to what is queer.
What one finds most deplorable, another might find dear.
No matter what opinion you may choose to hold,
one friend will think you’re crazy, another find you bold.

There’s an incredible range of palates in this human bunch.
What one regards as garbage, another eats for lunch.
What touches one by someone else may seem sentimentality.
And what another finds profound to others is banality.

From rap to opera to rock, we sing our various tunes,
from the crudest of rap lyrics to moons and croons and Junes.
Infinite variety might be the perfect label
for the various personalities humans bring to the table.

Prompt words are cling, affordable, queer, opinion and touch.

12 thoughts on “Infinite Variety


    Strange, Looking at the photos before reading your poem…. I had made up my mind, “Wow~! That may just not be for me”, but then you gave us your opinion and I see the point~! There are times when being alone is superior; and others when we are just lonely for almost any kind of companionship.

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