By All Means


By All Means

Grandmother Air, Grandfather Tree,
forgive our eccentricity
in doing what we’ve done to thee.

The parricide that we have done
is more than just a smoking gun.
If it’s a war, chaos has won.

By burning, we’ve killed both of you.
Nature’s response should be our clue
that our end, too, is well in view.

No prankster when you make your threat,
you state explicitly, and yet,
still your message we fail to get.

An accurate interpretation
is that man’s manipulation
has resulted in great agitation.

Everything’s off-balanced and
gotten rather out of hand.
So nature has to make a stand.

Her arsenal is most minute.
and though mankind is most astute,
ironically, hard to refute.

Fools will say that we have won,
but still, when all is said and done,
we still hold the smoking gun.

If we don’t change our reckless course,
and solve our problem at its source,
she will respond with greater force.

Be it virus, fire or wind,
if our ways we do not mend,
we’ll be the means to our own end.

Prompt words today are eccentric, air, accurate, prankster and grandfather.

24 thoughts on “By All Means

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Mason. Why this lesson has not been taken more seriously in the U.S. is beyond me. Well, no, it isn’t, since we are also the nation that elected Trump and refuses to ban assault weapons.


  1. slmret

    An excellent poem, Judy — but some have taken heed — in CA, there is a push to shift to natural energy sources and shut down generator plants. Edicon is having to pay huge fines because of the fires their transmission lines have generated (of course, rate payers will bear the brunt of that), and hopefully will have to maintain the lines more effectively. And by 2035 it will not be legal to sell gas powered autos! That’s only a drop in the bucket, but it’s taking hold at least in this state.



    So well done and well said Judy, this one should be posted for the general public to read. Maybe if just a few realize what they are doing it would do some good. Thanks~!



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