Bird Talk, Arizona Lingo Style

Bird Talk


Spent an hour out on my sister’s patio that is a few yards from the draw. This is the bird conversation that I overheard:

Beaver, beaver, beaver, beaver

chip chip chip chip

Whee whee whee whee

daring do, daring do, daring do, daring do

cherry cherry cherry cherry

who’re you? who’re you? who’re you? who’re you?

chip chip chip chip chip chip chip chip

Pretty bird. Pretty pretty pretty

choo choo choo choo choo choo choo choo

wheet wheet

cheerio cheerio cheerio cheerio

beaver, beaver, beaver, beaver, beaver, beaver.

pretty pretty pretty pretty

trrrrrrrr trrrrrrrr trrrrrrr trrrrr

oooeeeooooeee ooeee oooeee

pooooreeee poooreeee pooorrrreee

cheater cheater

pretty bird pretty bird

chee chee chee chee chee chee chee

cheater cheater cheater cheater

t t t t t t t t t
Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter, Peter

whilygig? whirlygig? whirlygig? whirlygig?

Does anyone know any of these bird languages?

(Click on the photos below to enlarge and read the captions.)

19 thoughts on “Bird Talk, Arizona Lingo Style

  1. slmret

    That sounds like the bird that kept me awake from midnight until dawn for several nights last week — looked like a crow or a grackle. I had to close the window and hide under the covers to get any sleep!

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  2. Leland Olson Hoel

    Judy, I spent time in the Sonora Desert, quail go chi-ca-go, but was baffled by most of your bird calls. My favorite was always the prairie Meadow Lark until some troll said it meant in Finnish “Paholaiset vievät sinut”, Devils going to take you. Hope all is well with you in Mexico.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Leland. Plenty of quail here. As a matter of fact that is one on the post in the photo. I’ll be listening for Chi-ca-go!! Mourning Doves weren’t calling at the time I wrote this poem, but plenty of them here..I’ll have to listen more closely to see if they are just keening or actually talking to me.

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