Bad Words!!!!


Prompt words today are encephalopathy, such, cattywampus, comminatory and partner.

Bad Words!!!!

I’m feeling vengeful toward “comminatory,” a term I find absurd.
Fatigued by “encephalopathy.” Who heard of such a word?
Has the world of prompts gone “cattywampus?” Have you all gone mad?
Can such words be shaped into a poem that isn’t bad?
How can one partner such weird words? What’s a scribe to do?
Except to face the challenge and write a poem she’ll rue!

23 thoughts on “Bad Words!!!!

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Well, you did manage to use them. ๐Ÿ™‚ Though I rarely participate these days, I keep track — and this morning’s batch looked pretty tough to me. I’m thinking cattywampus is like our kitty-corner, but ours only refers to diagonally opposing corners. The German SCHEIFT might be closer and would make as good a prompt, not?

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          1. lifelessons Post author

            How fun. I love your bold shapes and color. Is this from memory or were you at the beach? Are you going to do some pieces that combine your art and writing? Hope so.. Or, post a painting as a prompt. I would write to it and it would be fun to see how different people respond.



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