Freak Accident

I just dropped my Mac Air and it fell down vertically like a knife edge and sliced open two toes. I was sure they were broken, not to mention my computer, which sat unheeded while I found a napkin to soak up the blood. This is one is a series of freak accidents I’ve suffered in my life. I had been on Skype with Forgottenman and Skyped him on my other computer saying I didn’t know what to do as I couldn’t stand to touch my wounds but couldn’t imagine how it would hurt to pour alcohol on them.  He suggested hydrogen peroxide and by then I’d wrapped a napkin around my foot and determined nothing was broken, so I limped to the bathroom only to discover that a bottle of cherry-flavored Robitussin had spilled out over and seeped under 3/4 of my medicine drawer!  This, friends, has not been my night. I found the Agua Oxigenada (Spanish for hydrogen peroxide), washed it off, hobbled to the shower and poured it over my toes, then waited for them to dry and administered an antibiotic ointment and bandaids. I’m now at my desk typing on my Mac Air, which seems unaffected by my trauma. I’ll spare you the photos that I took of my bloody and skinned-back toes to wring sympathy out of Forgottenman.

Here, by the way, was Forgottenman’s sensitive response after I sent him the photos of my foot: 

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My blog, which started out to be about overcoming grief, quickly grew into a blog about celebrating life. I post daily: poems, photographs, essays or stories. I've lived in countries all around the globe but have finally come to rest in Mexico, where I've lived since 2001. My books may be found on Amazon in Kindle and print format, my art in local Ajijic galleries. Hope to see you at my blog.

42 thoughts on “Freak Accident

  1. derrickjknight

    I know just how painful that was. Years ago I stubbed my bare foot on a plank a decorator had left on the floor outside the bathroom. One toe was broken. The next night, getting up too quickly for a pee I passed out in the bathroom and cracked two ribs on the corner of the bath. None of these breaks could be treated. We went to stay with friends, the husband of which, in the Forgotten Man mould, opined “How are the mighty fallen”

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    Ouch! Hope you have a quick recovery. It will be sore for a few days for sure, but at least your computer escaped harm and proved to be sturdy enough. You might want to consider it as a go-to weapon in case you ever need to depend yourself. Maybe throw it like a boomerang?


  3. Marion Couvillion

    Oh Judy I hope you stay in bed today, not as much to get well, but just so nothing else happens to you~! This may not be your day~! I too have had my Air Mac slide off my lap, and know that it is an indestructible guillotine.

    I know you must really hurt (toes seem to have more nerve endings than most other parts of the body) but a reminder you have seen it before SxxT happens~!

    On Sat, May 1, 2021 at 11:35 PM lifelessons – a blog by Judy Dykstra-Brown wrote:

    > lifelessons posted: ” I just dropped my Mac Air and it fell down > vertically like a knife edge and sliced open two toes. I was sure they were > broken, not to mention my computer, which sat unheeded while I found a > napkin to soak up the blood. This is one is a series of freak” >


  4. judyreeveswriter

    Well OUCH! I read your post on my MacBook Air and after, was so so careful as I carried it back to its secure and safe place on a solid cabinet. The edges of those computer are thin indeed and I can see would do some serious harm on toes or whatever body part it happened to land on. I hope you and your toes are better today.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      They are better today. Man, it hurt last night, though. I’ve cut my fingers on the lid before where it had developed a serrated edge. I finally filed it smooth with a diamond file.


  5. M. Oniker

    1. Ow.
    2. LoL at Forgottenman’s response.
    3. Glad to hear the computer is OK.
    4. Rubbing alcohol isn’t great on cuts, despite the lore.
    5. Ow.
    6. Hope you heal quickly.
    7. I actually winced and made that sucking in air noise with my mouth when I read of what happened.
    8. You are accidentally channeling my life.

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      1. M. Oniker

        Yeah, and just weird s*** that you know, happens, and it is almost too embarrassing to talk about because who the heck gets hurt like that? All of the time?


          1. M. Oniker

            zomg. I was also sarcastically called Grace. “Grace is my middle name” etc. :::high fives klutzy sister, misses, both stumble in being off balance by not connecting palms:::



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