Note Attached to a Skirt at Mia’s Recycled Clothing Shop

Note Attached to a Skirt at Mia’s Recycled Clothing Shop

I’ve made a decision to downsize my clothes.
I’ve thrown out my slips and old panty hose
that have lain there dormant for thirty-five years,
my decision to jettison long in arrears.
Then I threw out old fashions that I knew were dated.
With memories they were all so permeated—
of travel and weddings and high school dances,
that I couldn’t avail myself of the past chances
to donate to charities or to my friends
or delegate them to more permanent ends
such as landfills and garbage trucks. It seemed too crass
to dispose of such wonderful memories en masse.

Yet now I’ve decided to lighten my load
and get rid of excess that fills my abode.
I only hope that one day I’ll detect
the trickle-down theory gone into effect:
some stranger, perhaps, that I pass by chance
who knows not why she’s met with an extra-warm glance
as she strolls down the street looking happy and gay
in the gypsy skirt chosen for my wedding day
thirty-five years ago, now finally freed
from my closet to go on and finally lead
a life of its own and to soak up some new
happiness. Will it perhaps be from you?

Prompts for today are downsize, permeate, trickle, avail and decision.

11 thoughts on “Note Attached to a Skirt at Mia’s Recycled Clothing Shop

  1. msjadeli

    What a great poem, Judy, and I like your well-wishing for the clothes to go on to new happy adventures. There has to a liberating feeling getting rid of some clutter, even if it is clutter with sentimental memories attached to them.

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  2. Marion Couvillion

    Fun, funny and well done~! I still keep finding old cloths of Shirley’s in my “upper room”. One thing is for sure, mine would not have value, I sometime recognize cloths I am wearing today in pictures ten years old.

    Judy a post I made today, “Cock a Doodle Do”, might be appropriate to post on “El Ojo del Lago” Magazine. But I would only want to post it using my Nom de Plume; “Sam Voelker” not my email, or online address, which they did when I tried to do this a long time back. Do you know if this is possible~? This is a true story, and it would be fun to see if anyone in that part of the world found it interesting. I have many others that I can post, but would not want my name where others would bother me online.

    My son Mark is coming this afternoon and after a big meal and watermelon, we will go outside and “play”, flying our drones to see if we can get areal photos of the Indian Blanket all the way from the top of my mountain, down to my creek and lakes~! We had a terrible storm last night and the flowers will not last much longer.


  3. slmret

    Interestingly, I just was thinking I should turn my attention from cleaning out old paperwork to cleaning out old clothing — perhaps a more contained goal, so it might even get done!

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  4. lssattitudeofgratitude

    I so get this poem. A few years ago my spouse and I went through all our clothes that we never wore, or didn’t fit. They had just opened a homeless shelter nearby. We dropped off 14 large bags of good clothes. It felt good to say goodbye to them.


  5. judyreeveswriter

    I love this photo and the skirt and those red boots! How lovely you are. As for the closet, yeah, I’m doing that too. But there are certain things, aren’t there… I have some “rules for the closet” if you’d like me to share.



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