The Green Chair

I love this green chair spotted at Pasta Trenta, a local Italian restaurant, and I had to take a break from festivities celebrating my friend Gloria’s 88th birthday to photograph it. I should have seated her on it, like a queen on her throne, but that would have caused too long a break in the celebration.

For the Pull up a Seat Challenge

13 thoughts on “The Green Chair

  1. judyreeveswriter

    I love this green chair, too, Judy. A color I’m considering for my new comfy reading chair in the corner. Happy birthday to Gloria!


  2. Marion Couvillion

    OOOah,, I am about to get myself in big trouble (again)~!! I like the looks of that chair too, BUT Shirley brought home one just like it, except it was yellow. Here was the serious down side to it… You just could not sit in the damn thing,,, The back was straight up and down and seat too shallow, had you tried at that party, you would understand what I am saying~! It was neither a table chair nor a comfortable sitting chair, like sitting on a stool with your back up against the wall~!… Now I had almost learned to keep my mouth shut about such things (with her), I having made that mistake before, when she brought home an “umbrella stand” (something you put walking sticks in) made out of an old fire extinguisher (the large brass kind, no longer being used even back then) which got me in big trouble and hurt her feelings when I asked: “why would we want that old thing, the top has been cut out of it~?” But she just pushed it into a corner near the door, where later the chair would sit… A good painting would have been just as pretty or interesting to look at, and would have taken up much less space. She finally made a different pillow for the chair and I spray painted it Kelly Green (like yours) but that did not make it more comfortable. I tried to give it to our kids, as it was something from her, no takers. It is now out in “Barn Again”, and would be the first to go into the “biffy” if I rent one. But in the house, I also still have a very tall clock (about seven feet tall), made out of iron and used to run on batteries, which are always dead and just does not fit our decoration of the house at all, and only tells the correct time twice a day~! (I am eclectic but not that eclectic, nor electric~! So if you need a TALL clock, an umbrella stand or an interesting (STRAIGHT) chair, they can all be yours…Looks are not always everything, another reason I have “Barn Again”, but she must have seen something interesting in little old me or I would have ended up out there in Barn Again~!

    DEFINATION: “biffy” is a word I myself coined long ago. There is a huge company, Browning-Ferris Industries, in Houston which puts out those huge garbage and trash containers. On the side of them, in large letters, is just “BFI” for want of a better name, I started calling them “Biffy” cans. I also keep several cans of Kelly Green paint around the house, and the iron picnic table etc get a good coat when they look rusty, so outside everything is either Kelly green or black.


      1. Marion Couvillion

        Yes I like it too and I remember that many of the chairs down there are built that way… also anything painted a dark green is pleasing to my eye…what I was describing was comfort, you need to know that I have chairs every few feet. in my house, going back 200 years. When I get back to photographing the house past the toilet, you will see that, but not that one in Barn Again.


  3. Marion Couvillion

    Ha ha, when I would go to the store with Shirley I would find a place to sit, even if it was out in the concourse. Women like to “shop” men like to just buy and go~! I wear exactly the same type of shoes, trousers, and shirts that I having been buying for years. Takes about ten minutes. I was just looking at a very old photo from 15 – 20 years back and was wearing the same stile of shirt I had on while looking at them. Shirley would try on things for what seemed like hours, pick something out, then the next day ask me to take her back so she could return it. Sitting was my way of coping with it, and not upsetting her. I could sit in the mall and watch the tenny boppers bounce by, so I stayed happy. I go into an SAS shoe store, pick up a pair of the same size and type that I have on, pick them up, go pay for them and get a piece of candy they give away, and I am fixed for another year.
    SAM (maybe there is a poem there)

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I just watched about 3 hours of videos of my 1991 school reunion. I was about to think I wasn’t there and then finally in the second video, I saw myself twice. Also both of my sisters and my husband Bob. Hard to keep track of such events.



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