Act Three

Act Three

The echo of your footsteps as you trod across my mind
creates anticipation of a nostalgic kind.

You elevate my consciousness as you were wont to do

and so in time I manifest the whole grand rest of you.

You’ve been a silent tenant for so many years
that this surprise appearance prompts again those  tears

I thought had been dried up in me when you had to go
to that place where you were drawn by the undertow.

For only a brief moment, we are as we have been, 
’til with a click of memory, I banish you again.

You slip back into shadow in the attic of my mind,
where both of us lie tangled, hopelessly entwined.

I come back to the present while you’re banished to the past,
once again resuming the roles in which we’re cast.

You imprisoned in act two, caught eternally
while I assume a solo role, living out act three.

Prompt words today are elevate, echo, click, tenant and cross.

22 thoughts on “Act Three

  1. Marion Couvillion

    Oh Judy this is a beautiful tribute~! …. I love it, and it says so much to me. He will not leave you alone; will he~? That little heart in the bag keeps popping up. I and so many others like us have a similar problem. You even wrote a book about how to get over it… While I have read it at least three times, I have never posted a public review on it~! Did you ever wonder why~? Well I have alluded as to why, in posts I have made to you…

    Now if you posted the poem above, either as a prescript or post script to the book, complete with a photo of the heart in a bag, then the book would finally be complete and I could write that review~! You see, I may know how the mind works after all~!
    I will print the poem and place it in my copy of your book..

    At least that is MY personal problem~! The fifth of each month and each year do get easier, It must~! but actually I do not want to forget, and a person who does, has missed something in their lost relationship. I subconsciously seek out little snippets of her in others I meet, and do find comfort in those little reminders. You and the poem above are one such thing that I am referring to, hope you don’t mind.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Sam. It is touching that you connect both to the book and the poem. You know the prompts prompted the poem that brought up the feelings more than the other way around. That’s actually what I like most about the prompts. They nudge me into areas where I might otherwise not go.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Mason. As the poem reflects, it was just a brief visit. I learned long ago that I need to accept the future and what else life has to offer.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          Yes…but this poem seems tied to the one on quantum physics that I just published, totally without considering any link between them. Ironically, that act perhaps illustrates to a degree what the second post as well as this poem is talking about.

          Liked by 1 person

        2. lifelessons Post author

          I have never really felt a sense of fate but I do believe in synchronicity and maybe to a small degree that is a type of fate. I’ll be interested in your response to the post I just made which relates to quantum physics.

          Liked by 1 person


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