Avian Fashion: Dots and Stripes

Click on photos to enlarge, please.

Loud morning birds
seem to be speaking together
in different languages.

For Bird Weekly: https://oureyesopen.blog/2021/06/11/bird-weekly-photo-challenge-birds-with-stripes-spots-or-freckles/

9 thoughts on “Avian Fashion: Dots and Stripes

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Yes, by a man who had the romantic idea of importing all the birds mentioned by Shakespeare. Not such a good idea afterall. I think it is the starlings that have created a big problem.


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I have the opposite problem. Almost everything that lives in the woods — other than crows, cardinals, and cowbirds — is striped, freckled, dappled, or spotted. All the solid color birds seem to live near the ocean or in the wetlands. But woodland birds — to blend in with the surrounding scenery? — seems to be multi-colored and rather amusingly motley.


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