Rain, Rain

Rain, Rain

The yearly rains extinguish the cauldron of the sun—
gunmetal sky, one wisp of cloud like a smoking gun.
When our prayers for rain to cease go without an answer,
once again, we voice vague threats to hire a necromancer.

A cosmopolitan traveller, rain roams the thirsty world
allaying drought and hunger with silver bullets hurled
to break apart hard-crusted earth, allowing plants to grow—
cornstalks pushing through the dirt, fresh fields of hay to mow.

With every living creature dependent on the rains,
still we cannot help but silently repeat the strains
of “Rain, rain, go away and come again some other day,”
when for weeks the rain pelts down from skies sunless and gray.


Prompt words today are cauldron, cosmopolitan, prayer and allay.
Unless otherwise noted, all photos on this site are by me.

8 thoughts on “Rain, Rain

      1. Mason Bushell

        No, I don;t think we can change the weather at all. Oh, aside we did! We sucked to much water from beneath the ground. We, destroyed to many trees and now earths weather is growing worse by the year. Thats necromancy for you lol


  1. isaiah46ministries

    We are in Barbados visiting Douglas’s children and grandchildren, who moved here when Covid was not being addressed by the former president. We are expecting Tropical Storm Elsa tomorrow, and the stores are packed with people in long lines. They haven’t had something like this since about 1958. Just our luck! Yesterday, it rained with thunder and lightning, and people here were scared, as they seldom hear thunder or see lightning! That’s our normal in Georgia in July and August, so we were cool, but I never been on a Caribbean island during a major storm. Our host told us to just close windows and keep away from them. And…?


      1. isaiah46ministries

        I am fine. There were homes damaged or destroyed, about 800. I will admit that I am ready to go home, for it is so hot every day that I am tired by noon. Air conditioning only in the bedrooms. I look forward to seeing my house and just being cool again. I have loved the sea and wading in it, but some vacations don’t go as well and then it feels like they go on forever.



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