Money was his nemesis. He rued its silvery glow.
The piles of it below his bed had nowhere else to go.
For although he was a hoarder, always craving more of it,
his life was not made better even by just a bit.

His clothes were all in tatters. His house was falling down.
He had outstanding debts and bills in every store in town.
Not one thing about him suggested his success.
Every single outward sign only signaled distress.

He lived his life in misery. Inadequate. Alone.
Miserly and miserable, life stripped to the bone.
But when he finally passed away, his name slipped into lore.
He was the man who wasted life simply by wanting more.

Prompt words today are nemesis, inadequate, silvery, while and signal.

2 thoughts on “Miser

  1. Mason Bushell

    The problem with greed is it makes one blind. Riches never make for a happy person either. As my grandmother always said: ‘Be happy with a little and then you’ll have a lot’ Nice monetary poem, Judy.

    Liked by 1 person


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