One Million Coming Up!!!

One Millionth View Coming Up!!!!

I started this blog in March of 2013 and started posting a poem a day for NaPoWriMo for the month of April. Then in 2014 after I had posted a poem a day for NaPoWriMo, I continued to write a poem a day to prompts, a practice I’ve continued every day since and today, on July 10, 2021, I will hit my millionth view. Chances are when this happens, I will be riding back to St. Paul from Des Moines, where I came for a memorial and family reunion, so I likely won’t even realize when it happens and will never know who my millionth viewer is, but since my views now stand at 999,982, it is bound to happen.

At any rate, I want to thank all of you who have both viewed my blog and furnished me with the entertainment of viewing yours all these years. There are a few of you who have viewed me and been viewed by me from the very first and I want to thank you, especially, for being part of the reason why I kept going.

In that time, I have posted 8,365 blogs. Over 2,657 of them have been poems and another 996 have been daily posts of photos of flowers for Cee’s Flower of the Day blog which as far as I can tell, I have posted every day since October 18, 2018. The rest of the posts are additional stories, poems, essays and my own photography posted for various prompts and I thank those who faithfully publish these prompts every day or every week.

I had declared earlier that when I hit my millionth view, I would stop blogging, but recently I’ve established another blog in addition to my WordPress blog, so looks like retirement is not in my near future. I will, of course, continue with the WordPress blog as well.

Happy blogging. For now, I’ll continue to see you here as always. oxooxox Judy

31 thoughts on “One Million Coming Up!!!

      1. SAM VOELKER

        BUT I DID IT TWICE~! I must say that I compiled today’s post before I saw yours, and it is about ROCKET SHIPS AND JERKS, not , A jillion multiplicity in poetry, post or even one JUDY~!

        If I keep this up I may never reach 100~!



          1. SAM VOELKER

            When I get so angry at these people I just say to my self: “Oh he has a dear mother somewhere,……….and she sure did not teach him to be considerate~!!!” I had one park within a foot of my car last week and dinged it opening his truck door.


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Congratulations! After I hit the million mark, I didn’t quite (obviously), but I did slow down — and I stopped worrying about stats! I think I’m one of the first people who started following you. I’ve enjoyed following your world for all these years. Don’t quit! We all need each other.

    Liked by 1 person


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