Drop-ins Not Advised


Drop-ins Not Advised

“Don’t be a stranger” said the pair
when I met them at an affair.
Nobody knew this introduction
would give rise to such a ruction.
When I strolled into their borough,
inquiries were swift and thorough.
Was I peddling pot or meth?
How did I say shibboleth?
I passed the pat-down, said the word,
then joined the swirling passing herd.
Clearly, it is not a lark
to try to enter Borough Park!

Prompt words today are Shibboleth, thorough, nobody, ruction and introduction.

Two of the prompt words today were a bit tricky, giving rise to this strange little poem.
If you, don’t know what “Shibboleth” means (as I didn’t)  HERE is a link to its explanation.
Borough Park is a largely Orthodox Jewish section of New York City and a ruction is a disturbance, quarrel, or row.



6 thoughts on “Drop-ins Not Advised


    Oh so well done,,, the description is perfect as to how I have felt in entering some neighborhoods~! I once went to a native dance in “The Big Thicket”, a very rough place for non natives to be at night~! Suddenly I had a BIG burly man on each side of me, holding my arms, asking: “Buddy, do you intend on settling down here~?” To my negative answer, they said: “Then you better be on your way~! !” AND I WAS~!


      1. SAM VOELKER

        No that is a very primitive area, the people I was speaking about are a mixture of what is called “Red Bones”, white and a mixture of Indian and Black. The men are huge and the women are small and very pretty~! (why I was there and and why they did not want me there) The people in the Big Thicket are very clannish dating back to early times when that area was known for outlaws robbing people coming into Texas from Louisiana. The strip follows the Sabine river and swamps which separate Louisiana from Texas. Running for miles from East Texas almost to Beaumont. You may appreciate reading about Roy Harris, heavyweight boxer, who was from that area in a little community called Cut N Shoot.


      2. SAM VOELKER

        I think that you may find this almost book length write-up interesting.. It was written by WEBSTER TALMA CRAWFORD about the turn of the 20th century. He lived in Rapids Parish near my home town. The central part gets a bit deep into conjecture that are not all correct but if you skip to part two it is again interesting. It tells of a people almost of a unique race where like I said were strong, tough, yet the women were beautiful with long silky hair and light medium complication almost like a dark suntan. Yes they did look a lot like the people of North Africa~!




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