Your Life’s a Journey: Wordle 510, July 18, 2021

Your Life’s a Journey

If you feel that life’s a game—
pictures leaping from the frame, 
its lyrics just a canned refrain,
events linked like a preformed chain.

If what you do seems like a dream,
your actions not what they may seem.
If you find yourself receding
where you’d prefer that you were leading.

If you’re forced into a space
where you seem to vanish without a trace,
just reach out and touch the screen.
Apply your shoulder. Push and lean.

Break out from where you feel you’re trapped.
Rip up the course that fate has mapped.
Shed its pattern. Jump off its shelf.
Live a life you’ve planned yourself.

Your life’s a journey you’re mean to plan
and if you try, I know you can.
Walk the road of your own choosing.
Any other way is losing.

Prompt words for Wordle this week are: chain, lean, game, screen, seem, recede, space, frame, dream, lead, shed, refrain.

14 thoughts on “Your Life’s a Journey: Wordle 510, July 18, 2021

      1. SAM VOELKER

        Well yes I am a very stubborn man,
        who learned the hard way to follow MY plan,
        encouraged along by the few who knew,
        that I was going to do what I wanted to do.
        But I know others, though they may be few
        who may do it the same way, don’t you~?

        “Smiling Sam the working Girls friend~!”
        (My “nom de guerre” when I started my Life’s Journey.)
        Aggressive but harmless, sort of like passing gas~!

        Liked by 1 person


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