August 1, 2021 Sunday Whirl: Wordle

Advice to Self and Others

If your writing is inciting
civil discord and inviting
calls to action
by reaction
of one faction

or another, become a brother
by listening to one another.

Try a blend
of words that mend.
Work upon a pending rending
of ill thoughts you’ve been extending.
Try to start a happy ending.

Choose a task that takes you higher.
Shed your mask and bend your ire.
Anger’s such a bitter pill
that words can poison, bite and kill.

Still your vitriol and follow
kinder thoughts into that hollow
where the gentle grass is waving,
where we go to still our raving,
heeding nature’s gentle call
to save ourselves before our fall.

Here to raise the cup of peace.
That fragile glass that brings surcease.
And by that small sip that you sample,
you can be the good example
that draws another to slake their thirst
and start the journey to best from worst.

Oops.. nearly missed last week’s Wordle prompts. Here they are:
writing, civil, bend, pill, mask, follow, glass, still, call, save, blend, sample.

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