Mexican Hat at the Powderhorn: FOTD Aug 8, 2021

My sister calls this flower Mexican Hat and although it is very different from other Mexican Hat flowers online, I did find one photo that identified it as such. I think someone will have an opinion about whether is is correctly identified or not. I’m open to suggestion. I think they look like Black Eyed Susans!

For Cee’s FOTD

7 thoughts on “Mexican Hat at the Powderhorn: FOTD Aug 8, 2021


    Yes, as usual I have several, but Mexican Hat is the kindest. Black Eyed Susan has a smaller, less tall center. Others are rather bad, even derogatory, so for once I will try to keep my mouth shut about that, though I often have bad words about it~! Though beautiful, as you show it here, it grows taller than my loved “Indian Blanket” (sorry Native American Blanket just does not fit). So anyway it sticks up higher and overpowers what I like best, but why argue when “I.B.” is hiding so many other smaller flowers, with less show~! Isn’t that saying a lot about life~?

    For what it is worth my Mexican Hat and Indian Blanket has now been chopped down to reseed next years batch, and those little guys are now showing their beautiful little heads again, and the stupid lady down the road can not start another grass fire by flipping her cigarette out~!

    What a beautiful morning in Texas~!! I hope you are still enjoying your visits~! However I still had to produce a rant~!




      I looked again and feel that it does look more like a Black Eyed Susan, The Mexican Hat that I have has a much taller center, but then the black eyed Susan that I have is a bit smaller, playing it safe we could just say that these are in the sun flower family~!! I have brush hogged all of mine now~!

      I am no fool when dealing with women, but lack a little when it comes to dealing with flowers~! I whack um the lack um~!



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