Requiem for the Ode: SOCS, Aug 21, 2021

Requiem for the Ode

Sorry, but these days an ode
is a form that’s out of mode.
And as tacky as it seems,
modern folks have chosen memes
to convey their inner selves,
and even though a poem delves
with soul in what we want to say,
alas, emojis rule the day.

emojis and

For Stream of Conciousness Saturday: Ode

7 thoughts on “Requiem for the Ode: SOCS, Aug 21, 2021


    Unfortunately your ode today is oh so very true,
    some people just do not know exactly what to do
    they use one finger hitting the key of a meme
    or hit the “like key” thinking it will just be the same.
    That’s Ok if you think those will say to me a lot
    but a little more effort may help to stir the pot.
    others just do not want use their little brains
    life is just too busy thinking of other things.
    How about five words to say “liked that one a lot~!”
    so that tomorrow they may give you something else
    a sharp post in lieu of something that really smells~!



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