Da Judge Is Playin’ Doctor Now!

Okay.. I thought it had gotten as crazy as it could get, but this story takes the cake.

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This one came straight out of my local news channel and my jaw dropped to the floor.

A local man, Jeffrey Smith, is in the hospital fighting for his life against Covid.  He refused to be vaccinated, refused to wear a mask, and so this is where all his naysaying got him.  His wife, Julie, asked the hospital to treat him with Ivermectin, the horse de-worming medicine, the latest quack theory among the uneducated.  Doctors and the FDA have issued strong warnings against humans taking this drug, for it is made for animals who have a different system than ours and who often weigh more than five times as much as a human.  Needless to say, the docs at West Chester Hospital refused the woman’s request to give her hubby this unqualified drug.  Funny, he didn’t want the approved vaccine in his body, but he wants this crap that isn’t…

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12 thoughts on “Da Judge Is Playin’ Doctor Now!


    I could not bring myself to hit LIKE, wish they had an auto STUPID button. My thought was to send the stupid horses ass to a vet~! and his daughter too~! Bet the Judge was a republican, but nothing even conservative about this. Oh my day was coming along pretty good until I read this.



    or a “saw it”, for those that do not impress us at all..That “like” thing is misused anyway by those trying to see how many likes can be counted. If I like one of your photos of a flower I may or may not hit like but if it is worth talking about I try to do so, YES HOW I TALK~! There are other times that I feel that I may be one of the crowd. But then I am funny about not encouraging some correspondence that does not interest me, which is negative trait on my part because if someone it trying they need encouragement. Maid day and so my house is one great noise and Tami says why don’t we take our walk now~! She does that with her eyes, looks at me, then looks at the door~!

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