Cat lover or not, you won’t want to miss this hilarious piece by Lou Carreras.

Louis N. Carreras, Woodcarver

Clancy J. Bümps – The Grey Menace. This cat never met a chili con carne that he did not like. His taste in steak ran to filet mignon, and a favorite repast was a half of a roast beef sub with extra hots. Abstemious? Never. Moderation was for pussy cats, not a giant twenty-plus pound behemoth engaged in blood sports against weakling humans. If you refused to share with him, he’d label you an ingrate, censor you with a paw full of claws, lick off the blood, and assure you that his skillful intervention had improved the decor.
Attempts to mitigate his behavior by behavioral modification got met with disdain. My first wife, Georgia, sought to teach him not to claw with a squirt bottle. He sat there, let her squirt, and walked calmly away. Then, he seemed to say, “Ahhh, that was bracing. Let’s do that again…

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      Oh, thanks, Lou. I’ve been gone all day…but wanted to wait anyway to draw in more readers as I think people tend to log onto the reader at different times in the day and may not got back that far to read formerly posted things.



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