Beholding Beauty

Beholding Beauty

You are the Burmese cat, stepping high
over the small sculptures
on the wall where he is fed,
his tail curving into a delicate hook.

You are vibrating leaves on the hibiscus tree
adding the contrast of green
to the one exquisite yellow bloom
with its fuchsia sunset middle.

You are a child whose violet eyes
open wider to each wonder––innocent,
never knowing yourself to be more beautiful
than what you observe.

You are music, harmonious, played
on the spur-of-the-moment with no rehearsal,
fingerpaints on the wall in an incredibly wild pattern
that could not have been planned.

You are the gourmet meal
made of leftovers from the fridge,
the wonderful costume gathered
from hangers at the thrift store.

You have a beauty
you were not born to––
one that is an amalgam
of every choice you make in life.

Beauty is in the eye
of the beholder, many say,
but it is impossible to imagine
a beholder who couldn’t see it in you.


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18 thoughts on “Beholding Beauty

    1. lifelessons Post author

      She was also a bit of a scamp. She’d come up on the porch and let Morrie out of his cage and play with him on the beach, then leave without bringing him home again. One day he was out all day, running up and down the beach having strangers and neighbors throw his ball for him. Thank goodness he stayed on the beach and didn’t venture out onto the road.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Lisa. I took a walk up the mountain today and it is a wonder how much beauty I found in small objects, even junk. Then down the mountain and through a part of the Raquet Club where I live…amazing. I’ve concentrated so much on my yard that I need to start expanding my photo shoots.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. lifelessons Post author

    Strange that you should mention green tunnel pathways. I didn’t get the photos published from yesterday, but you’ll see how true your words are if I get them published today.



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