Raquet Club Rock Slide and Water Flow Video: Oct 5, 2021

See a video of the water and rock flow at 1:30 P.M., Oct 5 , 2021. I love how the small black rocks caught in the flow pop up  like popcorn from the rush of the water. This “river” is not normally here. It  is the product of heavy rains and perhaps a waterspout that lifted from the lake and spilled its water out on the mountain above us. It has carved out a channel with the huge boulders that rolled down hill with it and gouged out the cobblestones and soil all the way to the carretera (main road) more than a mile below. Lots of force in that water.


To see still photos of damage in other parts of the Raquet Club, go HERE.

13 thoughts on “Raquet Club Rock Slide and Water Flow Video: Oct 5, 2021

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Morrie and I are swinging in the hammock making up for just two hours’ sleep last night. Leslie just called and we made plans to go to Viva Mexico on Friday. We’ll have a margarita in your honor.


      1. judyreeveswriter

        Sure wish it’d worked out so I could be there, too. Have fun. Tell stories. Make up lies. All of it… and I’ll be there next time. hugs.


          1. judyreeveswriter

            She does have my number. Love to catch up with you while she’s there. And, right, Leslie doesn’t drink alcohol and neither do I. All the more for you… have fun!



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