Morning Birdsong

Click on photos to enlarge and read captions. I need some help in identifying two of these birds. 


Morning Birdsong

Each consecutive melody, sung with a full-throated enthusiasm and answered in kind achieves a second purpose that I’m sure is one unintended by nature. Encapsulated in deep sleep as I am, only they are effectual in actually  arousing me, for they form a chorus of alarm clocks that cannot be turned off.

I smooth the matted mane of Matteo, my love who sleeps through it all, and stumble to the kitchen to put on the coffee. As I drink my first cup, the male woodpecker joins his mate in the tallest palm tree outside the kitchen window. A second later, Matteo joins me as well and all is right in the world. He croons a soft aria into my ear and I answer in perfect harmony.


Word prompts for today are consecutive, encapsulate, effectual,  matteo and melody

effectual is producing the intended result; entirely adequate.

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