Preparations for Day of the Dead, Oct 27, 2021

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There doesn’t seem to be the frenzy of activity in the Pantheons (graveyards) that there is usually at this time. Workers are clearing away the mud from the slides and some of the rubble. Oscar cut the tall weeds away from my adopted graves but could not clear the small plot next to it as it is filled with huge black and orange  winged wasps or bees, a picture of which I tried to capture in a photo here, but they are so fast that I wasn’t too successful. On the 28th, I’ll take  broom, mop and bucket and clean off the graves. My friend Leslie and a number of friends want to come help make offerings on October 31 to avoid the rush on Nov. 1 and 2.  For earlier posts about these graves go HERE and HERE. To see how the graves looked before Oscar and Yolanda cleared them away, go HERE.

Why this compulsion regarding DOD? Because I have lived in Mexico for 20 years and that compulsion is infectious.What better way to remember one’s departed loved ones than to make a celebration of it?

9 thoughts on “Preparations for Day of the Dead, Oct 27, 2021

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I love Halloween in U.S. and D.O.D. here, but kids now celebrate Halloween, too. Mainly go to expat communities I believe. We haven’t given treats here for last two years but when we do, we all pool our candy and give it out down below at entrance to the Fracc. to save the kids the climb. Probably to save going to the door four hundred times a day, but I actually enjoy that part…until the last time when the kids formed a line and would get their candy and then go to the back of the line again! Some would even change masks and come back Now there is a guy from town who is at the entrance where we give out the candy. He knows all the kids and can remember which have come back again..That’s the trick part, I guess.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I haven’t seen that movie, “Spectre” but read that the scene, filmed in Mexico City, inspired them to actually have such a parade the next year as well, using some of the prompts from the movie.

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