In Honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe on Her Day, Dec. 12

As usual, click on photos to enlarge.

It is nearly 1 a.m. and the celebration down the mountain in the village of San Juan Cosala has just begun. The saint day of the Virgin of Guadalupe is the biggest celebration of the year in this town. The church is filled with flowers, bottle rockets have been going off all evening, and a band is loudly playing in the town square. This will go on all night and all of tomorrow. The pieces above were all made by me over the years, other than the one on the bottom left side. 

17 thoughts on “In Honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe on Her Day, Dec. 12

  1. lifelessons Post author

    The Madonna figure is 2 or 3 inches high, I believe. I have the beach Madonnas I made all packed away. This was my favorite. I think I made about 13 of them that year–all different. I thought I’d done a blog on them but I can’t find one so must have been in my imagination.

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      1. lifelessons Post author

        Yes I know. I think the wood I placed her on is about six or seven inches long. If I find it I’ll photograph it with something to show perspective. I may have sold it, though.


  2. slmret

    I just turned on the TV, and found a parade, costumes, floats, and all, through Olvera Street, the original street of Los Angeles — they are calling it the Guadalupe Mass, and the history is being narrated as a poem, accompanied by spurts of music as well. How typically “old Los Angeles”!



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